the art of love…

The beautiful thoughts from my friends..

The beautiful gifts from my friends… I am touched when I received the drinking glass which brought back from overseas.. The art of love! The lovely kitten diary is too adorable. Let’s share and bring more smiling faces around you! Let people feel that ” I am happy to be with you.”

How do you feel when you give gifts to others?

Are you happy?

When you see the happy faces from the recipients, you might be more happy than them.

It’s so blessed to bring happiness to others life!

What a wonderful action!

How do you feel when you receive a gift from others?

Are you only looking for the value of gift?

Are you only focus on the gift itself and check whether you want it?

Always remember that we must look beyond the gifts, to appreciate the art of love, the art of giving and the beautiful thoughts from the senders. How important to smile and express your gratitude when you receive a gift. This is the simple thing you can return the kindness to the sender.

“Every Time You Smile At Someone, It Is An Action Of Love, A Gift To That Person A Beautiful Thing.” By Mother Teresa

Whether you need the gift or not, it’s not important as others want to give you and share happiness and joy with you.

Accept it happily and bring ultimate joy to the sender.

Make yourself happy and make others happy too…

What a beautiful and warmth moment to share in this festive season!




4 responses to “the art of love…

  1. This has given me pause for thought and I will now appreciate the act of giving more than I ususally do

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