be strong…

Some of us, we are easily to give up and we might blame to our luck or others when we can’t achieve what we want in life.

Some might even think of kill themselves when they are facing great pain or suffering in life. They might think this is the best way to escape and relieve from their suffering. Don’t be fool by your emotional…Take a silence moment to contemplate, how precious is our life? How selfish is our action? How much suffering and pain you are going to cause your family, loved one and friends? Why not make good use of your life to serve and benefit others?

I am really inspired for the perseverance and strength of the winter melon plant which we planted in a pot.

Its still grow well even in a small pot..

It’s still grow well even in a small pot..

The winter melon plant is growing well even after 9 months, its full of strong living spirit even facing challenging environment…it overcome the obstacle of small pot and so far bear of 10 fruits… It’s awesome! Moreover, we still can see there are flowers blossom… The winter melon providing food to us and also all living beings like bees, ladybird…

It grow up to the top of the tree…

It grow up all the way  to the top of the tree…Amazing spirit!

A lovely winter melon hanging on the tree..

A lovely winter melon hanging on the tree..

Accept and blend in to your environment. Not use this as excuses to deter your progress in life, instead transform your challenges as fertilizer to serve as best nutrient for you to move forward in your life.

Never give up easily, what a great living example shown by the winter melon plant!

Nothing is impossible! Its depend on you whether you want to take the first step…

Are you ready to face the challenges from life?

Be strong!





6 responses to “be strong…

  1. Thank you for liking “First Snow.” Wonderful inspirational message! 🙂 Based on my own experience, I have found that I am usually rewarded with something positive if I keep trying and do not give up during hard times.

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