Breathe freely!

What is more important than Breathe freely in life? Think about it!

What is more important than Breathe freely in life? Think about it!

Some of us, we aim to climb the corporate ladder and we’ll do our best to achieve our dream. In the name of success, we might even sacrifice our health in order to perform the best in our career. We might skip our lunch or dinner in the name of busyness, even though we are eating, we are not sure what are we eating, our mind is full of thought of stress, worry, tension, fear….and workload… Our mind and body never get a chance to get proper nutrient.

Moreover, some of us, we might spend our after working hour to entertain or socialize, the time we reach home, our family members or loved one or children might even sleep… There is no chance for communication and sharing of love. Besides, We also hardly have time to be with ourselves and to have enough sleep to let our body and mind to take a rest. We worked until our total body is extremely exhausted and run out of energy. Soon or later, our body might totally collapsed.

Some might work like they want to die for the company and some might put the top priority for working life…

Some of us even saying “I am irreplaceable, my company will collapse without me.”

Is it true???

A lot of people might saying, “I’ll enjoy my life after my retirement, right now, I need to work hard to accumulative wealth for my older day and also my lovely children.”

How sure are you that you still alive after “retirement”?

Why can’t we live at here and now? Live a balance life.

There is a great story sharing by Thich Nhat Hanh…

One day the Buddha was sitting in the woods with some of his monks. They had finished eating their lunch in silence, and they were about to start a dharma discussion, when a farmer came running up to them.

The Farmer looked unhappy: “Monks, have you seen my cows going by here?”

The Buddha said,” No, we haven’t seen any cows come by here.”

The farmer said, ” Monks, I am a very unhappy person. I have only twelve cows, and I don’t know why, this morning they all ran away. And that’s not all, I have twenty acres of sesame plants, and this year the insects have eaten everything. I think I am going to die. How can I survive without my cows and my sesame seeds?

The Buddha looked at him with compassion and said, ” sorry, my friend, we haven’t seen any cows passing this way. You might look for them in another direction.”

When the farmer had gone, the Buddha turns and says to the monks, “My friends do you know why you are a lucky person? You don’t have any cows to lose”

My lovely friendbreathe s, asked yourself “Do you have any cows to lose in life?” Think about it! It’s so meaningful!

In our life, we are always living in fear and suffering as we are so afraid and worry to lose our cows. No matter, what profession you are, please remember do not make your work as “cows”.

Release it!

Allow yourself to enjoy the freedom of life!

Always remember you don’t need so much to live, let go all your “Want”…

May you live a simple, happy and free life!

Breathe freely!!!















12 responses to “Breathe freely!

  1. I’m so happy you decided to follow my blog? As it’s only through your humble following of my blog that I was able to find solace in yours. . 🙂 Corrina

  2. “Not all of us can do great things. But we can all do small things with great love.” Mother Teresa.

    Thank you for a great post!! I totally agree…

    There are many ways to be successful without accumulating wealth.

    Somebody who has a happy family is successful. Somebody who lives a long, healthy life is successful. Somebody who is content with everything God has given to him is successful.

    Modern society teaches us that successful people have big houses, lots of cars and earn lots of money in high powered occupations.

    One of my friends this year had to take 3 months sick. His physical and emotional health had deteriorated because he was working too hard. He was earning lots of money in his job in the investment bank. But for what? His doctor advised him that if he did not take drastic action he may end up with a heart condition and diabetes. He spent three months getting into shape and then he quit his job. He is now working in another job.

    This would be my mark of success – somebody who lives his life to spread love and compassion, and is able to promote the achievement of real progress in the lives of others.

    Much like Smile Always!!! 🙂

    • Bro, I am really appreciated for your great insights as usual. It’s great to learn from you! Let’s continue our great effort on sharing love and compassion! Cheers!

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