Look at the nature, it know the best to survive well...

Look at the nature, it know the best to live well…

Before you fall sick, your body will give you signal to warn you.

However, sometimes our mind is too busy, we might ignore or not notice the signal from your body and we miss the self-healing process before we fall sick.

Once I exposed to hot sunlight and later go into the air-cond room, drastic changing of temperature between “hot and cold”might trigger migraine headache. I believe in self-healing and I don’t take painkiller to stop the pain.

Recently, I heard the teaching from one of my teacher that when you are aware that you are going to get angry, this is the best time to release your anger by taking deep breath and you are able to be in peace and calm. If you are unaware, then you might exploded your anger like atom bomb. Think about it, A small spark can start a great fire, if you are able to put out the small spark, it’ll never get any chance to become great fire. It apply the same to self- healing process.

I apply this teaching to heal my migraine headache, once I sense the symptom, immediately I relax my body through deep relaxation and follow by meditation. I start to relax and release all tension in my body, whichever part of my body that I feel uncomfortable, I’ll repeat the relaxing process until the discomfort disappeared.

It’s worked well!

Listen to your body, and heal it before you fall sick, your body know the best for recovery.

Just think about our animal friends, when they are sick or injured, they can recover through self-healing as they are going to hide, take good rest and not intake any food. Allow their body to rest and recover.

Some of us, we totally forgot about the power of self-healing!

Why not take a try?











12 responses to “self-healing…

  1. This is so true. We naturally, without effort, have our bodies always fighting for us, to heal and be healthy. Our minds are like this too.. just sometimes we do not let our bodies nor minds heal properly. Just as the ill body needs rest and kindful and mindful attention, so does the ull mind.

      • I think about this topic quite often actually. I have a chronic illness, sarcoidosis, and I often wonder why my body doesnt heal itself fully. I still believe I havent listened properly to it, to know the correct cure. I am close though. Of course, the same goes for my mind! 😀

      • Excellence, bro… Try to do deep relaxation, It’s a great way to give good rest to your body. May you be well and happy! With metta

  2. So true, I practice these things with prayer as I dislike medicine s too. If I injure or get a burn I will rub gently or compress with prayer and it always works to stop it developing into a problem! There is definite power in the faith of self healing & very natural 🙂

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