When I eat, I eat…

Look at our animal friends… they are enjoying their meal in peace and calm. Why can't us?

Look at our animal friends… they are enjoying their meal in peace and calm. Why can’t us?

Are you rushing during your lunch hour?

Can you have a peaceful and relaxing lunch with your colleagues or friends during weekday?

Generally, lunch break only 1 hour. It’s challenging when we need to drive out, look for parking, wait for food and rush back to office. Instead of enjoying our food slowly, sometimes it might cause stress or tension and you don’t even know the taste of food.

The situation getting worst if you are going out with your friends who are in hurry. You can feel their restless and they want to finish the lunch quickly and rush back to office. In such a case, you can see them physically, yet their mind are not with you. Instead of enjoying your food, you might even need to swallow your food.

Have you ever figure out why this situation happen?

What are we eating? We are only eating with “rush”, “hurry”, “tension”, “quick”, “Fast”, “the unfinished stuffs”, “worry”… All the thoughts are related to the past and future. We are not eating at NOW!

In such a case, we can’t be mindful on our food, we can’t chew our food properly and of course we can’t digest well… how can we get good nutrition for our body and most important, there is no stillness in mind. Both body and mind also not getting nutrient.

Just ask yourself, why can’t we allow ourselves to have a peaceful meal?

What is the meaning of working so hard and we don’t even provide proper food for body and mind?

There is a profound zen saying, ” When I eat, I eat, When I sleep, I sleep.”

Why not to start to practice eating with mindfulness in peace and calm? You can share your stillness with others.

May you bring peace and calm to yourself and others!!!



2 responses to “When I eat, I eat…

  1. So simple yet so profound, as you say….when we sleep, we sleep, when we eat, we eat. Nothing more, nothing less. What is Buddhism? Washing the dishes and making the bed!

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