be kind…

Have you ever think about to express your loving-kindness to others can be in anytime, anywhere in life?

It’s wonderful if  you can help others through donation yet this is not the only way and don’t limited your kindness only when you are in holy place.

Yesterday, about 5 am in the morning, my father went out from house to look for Little Black as my mum said she heard some “meow.. meow” noise from outside. Little Black was hang out and not return home since 11 pm. This was the first time that he left home for so long.

My father walked home with a brown color kitten as this little cute kitten was followed him all the way. He fed the brown kitten with cat food and water. Our family, we always believe when people come to ask for help, we must do our best to help.

This little brown kitten, she was so friendly and also treat us like her family members. She just hang out in our house like her little home.

This morning, my neighbor asked us “Are you going to adopt this brown kitten?” My answer was ” Maybe, however, we’ll do our best to help. As such, this evening, we are going to bring her to visit veterinarian to have medical check up.” My neighbor suggested that “Why not send her to animal shelter home? Why not send her to shop houses so she can look for food there? Why not look for a family to adopt her?”

Little black and the brown kitten...

Little black and the brown kitten…

Little black is a kind-hearted being, he can accept this brown kitten just like how his elder brother, Little White brought him home and treated him well earlier. He was willingly to share food and drink with this brown kitten. We are proud to have such a sweet little being in life.

This evening, before we brought the brown kitten to veterinarian, we understood from one of our neighbor that one of the cat is missing in our neighborhood. So, My father and I together with the brown kitten, we went to investigate and check around. Finally, we are able to witness the reunion of brown kitten with her family members and her twin sister. Her owner was truly happy when we brought the cute brown kitten home. They just move in to the neighborhood, as such the brown kitten lost her way home. We can see the big smile and relieve from the family members. How blessed that we can help! How blessed that we can bring happiness to others!

“Give your hand to SERVE and your heart to LOVE.” By Mother Teresa

A little kindness can help… be kind wherever you are…your kindness is going to change the destiny of others!

Be kind in life!












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