Are you “poor”?

What is more important than spend quality time with your love one?

What is more important than spend quality time with your love one? Photo courtesy from sis Chew

Recently, we observed the changes of life from my neighbor’s family.

They are too busy to pursuit their career in order to earn more income to support their family. What we can see, they’ve less time for themselves and also for their children.

Previously, their house are full of food, fruits and vegetables, now in the name of busiest, they don’t have time to do shopping, moreover, they seldom have time to have dinner with their children.

Furthermore, their health are deteriorated and their children fall sick very frequently due to lack of care.

They are rich and wealthy yet they live in “poor” conditions.

What is the meaning of life?

Is this what you want in life, to accumulative your wealth only?

Why are we trading our time for wealth instead of enjoying  best moment of life with our family members?

Why are we sacrifice our health for wealth? Is it worth it?

Why not spend your time with your children when they need the most?

Think about it!

What is your purpose of life?

Be moderate! Be contended!









3 responses to “Are you “poor”?

  1. Thank you! It’s hard to make sacrifices sometimes so that I can be home to raise our children, and as we are just beginning our homeschool experience, these thoughts pass through my mind: is this enough? What about all the rest? Usually I come around to thinking that this is just a blip in the time of my life, and everything passes just like everything else, good and not so good. But there are times when the sacrifice seems huge too. Thank you for the reminder to remain present in our decision. 🙂

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