Let go your expectation…

Do you love to do planning?

Do you enjoy the process of planning?

Are you putting a lot of time in planning and put high expectation on result?

If the result is not meet your expectation, how do you feel?

Are you upset?

Are you depressed?

Are you blame on your luck?

Are you angry?

Are you disappointed?

Why not enjoy the process of planning, just be happy whether the result is good or bad! There are plenty of factors beyond our control which are going to influence the result. Do your best and appreciate each learning opportunity in life.

Any thought arisen in your mind?

Any thought arisen in your mind?

When I looked at this solo cherry tomato, it deepen my understanding that how important to enjoy the process and not to set any expectation in life. Imagine, If we set high expectation that we can get plenty of cherry tomatoes as we see a lot of flowers blossom from the plant. However, the conditions are not favorable to reap high yield as it was a raining season now. All flowers dropped and no chance to bear fruits.

“If you have too much expectation, you may come away disappointed.” By Dalai Lama

Enjoy the beautiful journey of life and let go your expectation!




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