Are you living NOW?

Live life simple, discover the beauty of life in every single moment.. be relax.. be happy.. be contend...

Live life simple, discover the beauty of life in every single moment.. be relax.. be happy.. be contend…Photo courtesy from sis Chew

Recently, my friend is worried about her daughter, who studied really hard even sacrifice her sleep in order to work towards to pursuit her high dream to climb corporate ladder after graduation and get ready to earn high income. Her daughter is putting herself under tremendous stress and tension in order to realize her dream.

When she is facing failure or rejection in life, she just can’t accept as she work so hard. She kept asking my friend why she need to go through such a challenging and suffering process…

My friend kept advise her to take a break and try to do nothing. Her daughter said “I am extremely busy, how can I take a break? I’ve to accomplish…….”

Think about it, who is causing “Suffering” in our life? Who is putting pressure to our life? Who is refused to take a break?

Are we only trading all our time to pursuit for material wealth, fame, power…?

Is it the only purpose in life?

Are we actually living here and now? or are we living for our future and sacrifice “now”?

Why not enjoy freedom and live happily now?

Today, I read an article about most Asians way of life…..

Childhood time, being forced to learn extra-curricular skills like singing, dancing, piano, swimming, drawing, language, tuition…. What a busy childhood time?To fulfill the parent’s expectation. No luxury time playing time with nature.

10-20 years old, spend time to study tons of book to be excel in exam and enroll in well-known university in order to secure a good job…

20-30 years old, Anxious about jobless and hurried to apply many jobs. put all effort in working life…

30-40 years old, A debt slavery for car, house, insurance….

40-50 years old, Worry about children’s future and start to save money for them…

50-60 years old, worry about retirement life…

60-70 years old, spend most time and money on medical fees and also need to raise grandchildren…

70-80 years old, settling the remaining part of life…and found out that it’s costly to own a graveyard…

Do you want to go through such a lifestyle? Why are we living under constant competitive and stressful conditions?

Why not make a change?

“A blessed life can be very simple, its depend on your perception and attitude towards life…” The key of happiness is with you….

Ask yourself “What is the meaning of life?”, “What is the purpose of life?”

“What do you want?”

The answer is within you, start the journey of exploring …








10 responses to “Are you living NOW?

  1. What you write is so true and have found myself doing the same thing as mentioned above – the only reason which I able to come with is : That’s life. Thanks my friend for sharing this post that simply what we are doing and facing in this life….

  2. Reblogged this on The Foot Steps… and commented:
    Read this…
    Really good post to read and put it into your mind. it’s already end of 2014, you can use this as one of your inspiration for 2015. I’m sure I will.

  3. I do really felt the same way before. We sometimes forget to enjoy our life gracefully. Your post really make me relief, that I have to enjoy my life with my family more often than before. Thanks..nice post…

  4. Oriental traditional concept that hard work will have good reading and achievement tend to stop working after 20 years or 30 years before thinking about what is life,
    I never reach My parents standard , I think…….

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