Are you disturbed?

Enjoy the stillness in life no matter where you are!

Enjoy the stillness in life no matter where you are! You are the “director” of your life!

Two nights ago, about 4 am in the morning, I heard the chopping noise from my neighbour kitchen and the old grand mother was woke up so early to prepare food.  Early morning,  a total silence in the surrounding, as such, the chopping noise was crystal clear.

How do you feel when you are facing such a situation?

Are you easily to be disturbed by noise?

Are you angry? Are you stress? Are you annoy? Are you tension?

Can you continue your sleep?

Can you still maintain peacefulness and stillness in such noisy environment?

I accepted the chopping noise in open heart, most important I don’t put pluses and minuses in the noise, I don’t give judgmental, start be the director and continuously to create stories, never react toward the noise,  just let the noise in and out…

With this practice, I am not being disturbed by the noise and I am able to maintain stillness. How delightful!

Imagine, if we can do the same practice in our daily life, nothing can affect us….

Always remember that the noise in our mind is the noisiest in the world.

Let go everything, let your mind be in silence and enjoy the stillness in life!







7 responses to “Are you disturbed?

  1. When I was young, in my 20’s, I would have preferred utter silence at night, now after raising my children, I can sleep through anything! 🙂

  2. Years ago, when I was first learning to meditate, it seemed each little noise would disturb me. Over time I noticed that each sound brings me deeper. The depth helps me know I’m more connected.
    I’m now grateful for each gift. (Even at 4 in the morning!)

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