a pair of staring eyes…

We are proud with you, our lovely chief security officer!!!

We are proud with you, our lovely chief security officer!!!

Yesterday, Our lovely chief security officer, Little Black suddenly went over to a shelf and he kept looking in and out, kept sniffing…

We can sense that something was hidden inside the shelf.

It might be lizard or any other creatures.

My sister went over and checked it out without moving things out of the shelf. She can’t find anything. However, out little Chief Security Officer, never give up, he was there and kept looking and searching in the shelf.

I took a torchlight to look inside and gradually to remove some items out….

Suddenly, I saw a pair of eyes was staring at me…  I was shock, without thinking I  screamed… “Snake…Snake…Snake..”

Immediately, My sister brought Little Black to upstairs as we worry the snake might harm him.

My father, he took the lead and kept hitting the shelf in order to “chase” out the snake…

In reality, it was a rat and not a snake…We asked our sister to bring Little Black to chase the rat out of our home. We shared Little Black that not to harm or kill the rat, chase and release it.

Little Black, our lovely kitten, since young, we shared with him, to be a good being, to do good deeds and everyday, he listened to the chanting of “The Great Compassion mantra” during his nap time as we set the timer. Our home environment is always in peace and calm.

This intelligent being, he fully understood and succeeded to chase away the rat without injured it.

A little cat also practice loving-kindness and compassion, why can’t we as a human? Little black, our little hero at home.. he discovered and chase away the rat with non-violence and no bloodshed.

What I learned from this incident, Our mind might trick us easily and some of time, we can’t differentiate the reality and illusion. Why am I shouting, “Snake” when I saw a pair of eyes? Simple reason, I dream about “snake” a night before and this just went into my mind…

Why am I dream about snake?

My mum kept mentioning that during raining season now, we must be extra careful as snake might sneak in….

Unconsciously, my mind kept absorbing all this info…

Look at, how easily our mind being “influence”!

Imagine, if you are constantly stay in positive environment with good energy and kind words, your mind also gradually transforming to kindness, perhaps without your realization.

Remember to say good words in your daily life, it’ll benefit to yourself and others. Always soak yourself in positive environment!!!














8 responses to “a pair of staring eyes…

  1. Little Black is all grown up, and taking care of his family. He is very majestic and sphinx like in your photo. Our cat was outside when a rat snaked came into our basement one night several years ago. He howled and growled, warning us. This was the middle of the night and we didn’t understand. But the next day, the snake was discovered curled up in the basement by our electricians. They removed it for us, and we praised our cat for his warning. A positive, peaceful home always needs a good “guard cat!” With metta, WG

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