The beauty of meditation…

Whenever, I shared with my friends that I practice sitting meditation daily. Usually, they will start to ask questions like,

” I want to try, however I can’t sit still…”

” There are so many thoughts in my mind, impossible to be no thought…”

“ohh… I don’t have time to do meditation, I am extremely busy.”

“Can you float?”

What is the meaning of Meditation?

The word of meditation is translated from Pali language, “Bhavana” which means cultivate the mind and developing the mind. The important of meditation are to know the mind, shaping the mind and free the mind. Most of time, we are not aware what is happening in our mind and we become the slave of our mind, then thoughts and emotions are conquering us, and we are creating more and more suffering in our life. When we are learning meditation, we can shape and free our mind, we can enjoy a mind that are in peace, calm, serenity, happy and free.  We can bring happiness and peace to ourselves and also our surrounding. How wonderful!

You can practice meditation through sitting, standing, walking and laying down. Most important is you can apply meditation in your daily life, be aware what is happening in your mind, don’t dwell to the past and the future, be at here and now.

There is a good teaching from Buddha, “My greatest miracle is that when a thought arises, I know a thought has arisen, when a though continues, I know that a though continues, when the thought disappears, I know the thought disappears.

It’s so profound! Let’s put this teaching to our daily life!

Like the reflection of lake water… Not adding plusses and minuses...

Look at the nature, let’s shape our mind like the reflection of lake water… Not adding plusses and minuses…What a peaceful life!

Talking about how long we should allocate time to our meditation session in  a day… I remember a great sharing from Ajahn Brahm, “We take food for our body to survive and be healthy.  How about our mind? Meditation is FOOD FOR MIND to cultivate a healthy mind. Take the same time we spend on eating for meditation.

Enjoy the beautiful journey!

Start to enjoy the beautiful journey now… be peace, calm, still, serenity, Happy and FREEDOM in your life. Photo courtesy from Sis Chew

Let’s start the journey to explore the beauty of meditation…

May you bring peace, calm, happiness to other’s life!

Have a peaceful Sunday!






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