A beautiful journey of giving…

The sun will never discriminate any beings. The Sun give equal warmth to all beings!

The sun will never discriminate any beings. The Sun give equal warmth to all beings!

Have you ever observe your spending habit?

Are you spending on something you NEED or you WANT?

Have you ever think that you always have extra money to help others by just changing your spending habit?

Think about it,

Be mindful to switch off your electricity appliances and used when needed, you can actually save some money from electricity bill to help others?

Be mindful on the usage of water, you can also save some money from water bill to help others?

To dine less outside and do more home cooking, you can also save some money, enjoy healthy lifestyle and also foster good family relationship.

Perhaps you can even cut down some of your shopping list, like your clothes, shoes, handbag, jewelry… you don’t need so much stuffs in life… Instead of buying 2 new dress per month, you can cut down to 1 dress.. the extra money you save, you can always channel to help others.

If you are a smoker, why not quit your smoking? Save the money to help others.

If you love to hang out in party, you can reduce your party time…. Use the money to help others.

Instead of always say NO when people seek for help, why not live a simple life and focus on your need not your want? You always have “EXTRA” to help.. just be mindful on your lifestyle. Instead of  giving excuses, why not just start to give your help and enjoy the beautiful journey of helping…

This week, we received an urgent call from an old folk home, about 65 elderly people and some of them are on wheelchair. The home short of money to settle their electricity bill and also shortage of some of the necessities like diapers, potatoes, biscuit and others. Without thinking twice, immediately we circulated the news and start the fund-raising and also asking for the donation of necessity items. Always put in mind that whenever we are helping others, there is no barrier of religion, races, gender, young or old… we should give our selfless love to all beings. Not to discriminate your love! We are breathing on same air, living in this beautiful planet, and our blood is same color too.

Besides, “Speed” is crucial too, the more we delay, the more suffering other’s experience. It was so warmth and touch that the donation came in and we are able to settle the electricity bill with slight extra too.

We are extremely grateful that at this critical moment, we received 900 pieces of diapers, donation from a friend. What a great relief! It was raining before we went over to pick up the diapers, however rain stopped during our journey of delivery the diapers to the old folk home. Just imagine, if raining heavily, all diapers are get wet as we can’t cover up the truck as too many boxes inside. There are always blessing when we are doing good deeds.

This morning, we delivered the necessity items to the home again. We can see the beautiful smiles and gratitude from the people… How amazing in life that we can bring happiness and joy in other’s life! Always be the first people to stretch out your helping hand… always remember that you have “extra” in your life!

Let’s cultivate the giving habit, it’s irrelevant how much you give, the most important you are willing to give..The more you give and help others, the more you are willing to let go your greed and the more loving-kindness and compassion you are. Who is the getting most benefit from helping others?

Obviously, you YOURSELF!

A beautiful quote from Ven. Dr. K. Sri. Dhammananda,

“Death is not sorrowful, but having lived without doing any service to others is indeed sorrowful.”

Have a blessed weekend!









2 responses to “A beautiful journey of giving…

  1. Beautiful post!!!

    I was just talking to my parents today about going to take elderly people shopping for the winter. Winter is so cold here. Even I freeze up so I can imagine how they feel.

    There is no act greater than a genuine act of kindness. Kindness will never go unrewarded

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