Happy Birthday, tam-tam…

Tomorrow, it’s the day that Little White, our lovely cat who has missing since 15 Sept, he brought home a little gem to us, our lovely Little Black, the little kitten with fungal infection. We treat this day as “Birthday celebration” for our lovely kitten.

Usually, we called him as “hitam” or “tam tam” in Malay Language mean “Black”. We’ve spent and celebrated, 365 days with this little truly lovable being.

It was amazed that how we went through the most challenges moment in life that he had fungal infection.

It was amazed that how we went through the most challenges moment in life when he had fungal infection. Look at his nose, it was too painful for this little being to bear, he took antibiotic for more than 5 months in order to get heal. 

Moreover, Veterinarian shared with us that we might get infected too. We are blessed that none of our family members got infected and we learned a lot throughout the total journey of his sickness. It was a great lesson in life. We can see how strong was his surviving spirit and how excellence was the brotherhood. Little White was given unconditional love and he shared all his belonging to his little brother. He even gave priority to Little black for his favorite food. We salute Little White, he shown a great example on loving-kindness and compassion.

A great memory in life!

A great memory in life! 

Little Black also shown how sad  and sorrow when Little White was missing. He even crying for the lost of his brother. To our family, both of them, they are no longer “cat”, they are our family members. We understand each other even though we are using difference language. Language is not a barrier for loving-kindness and compassion. As such, please treat all animal friends like your friends even though they are in different form. Share your unconditional love to them.

Look at him, he is so healthy now. Don't dump your animal friends when they are sick. Its the best time to  give our services to them.

Look at him, he is so healthy now. The little being grown up…Don’t dump your animal friends when they are sick. It’s the best time to give our best love to them. You can learn a lot from them…

We are gratitude to Little Black for accompany our parent when sister and I go to work and not at home. Little Black is our little entertainer at home, he always bring happiness and joy to all of us. Moreover, he is also our chief security officer at home, to help us to chase away “rat” and a little “alarm clock” to wake us up…

Happy Birthday to tam-tam… Thank you for sharing your best moment of life with all of us…

We truly blessed to have you in our life!

We love you!!!

Happy Birthday! May our lovely tam-tam be always well and happy!  May all beings be well and happy!







16 responses to “Happy Birthday, tam-tam…

  1. Bless you for taking these animals in. I used to cry, out of hopelessness, of each and every sad story I heard of a kitty in need.

    It’s been almost two years since I joined a cat rescue group very near to my home called ‘Fearless Kitty Rescue’. It was their words that inspired me ‘it takes a fearless person to help the kitties in need’ and it made me think, what am I afraid of? The sorrow of another cat?

    So I thought it’s time to DO something, to transfer that sorrow into action. I also feel redeemed for my own past misaction, and now empowered, not saddened, to have an active part in helping.

    Not only is it part of doing good by the animals, it’s doing good and right by the people. Like the elderly that lost a spouse, or the child that lost a beloved pet.

    Lijiun, your daily words touch me, I get your updates almost daily, halfway around the world in Arizona. Please keep up your good work, your good words and your faith, your love for all creatures. You do make a difference.

    — Kenn Ranous

    • Happy day, Kenn. Thanks for your kind words!Let’s continue to share our unconditional love to all beings and also awaken the heart of others. Start from ourselves and inspired others! May you be well and happy! Cheers!

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