What a meaningful life!

Do you think the beautiful flowers will keep comparing themselves? It'll continue blossom when time is right irrelevant what you are saying...

Do you think the beautiful flowers will keep comparing themselves? It’ll continue blossom when time is right irrelevant what you are saying…

When we are going for lunch with friends, after you place order and during the food is served, are you looking at your friend’s food?

If their food presentation is better than yours, are you regret on your order? Are you thinking that “I should order…”?

Are you comparing your food with others?

Are you focus on eating or only busy on looking and also keep comparing?

When the waiter or waitress bring out cuisine for other table, are you also keep looking or perhaps you might even ask them “what is the name of the food?”

Do you think you can enjoy your food mindfully? Can you be at here and now?

I heard a great story sharing by one of my teacher that

“One day, a professor invited his students to his house for a small gathering. He is serving them with hot chocolate. So, he took out all cups in assorted design in order to serve the hot chocolate.

His students were so busy to look for the most beautiful cup in order to drink the hot chocolate. While they are enjoying the hot chocolate, their focus were on other cups and not on the drink. Their mind was kept comparing, how nice was other’s cup!

Do you think they can taste the hot chocolate?

What is more important, the cup or the hot chocolate?

This is apply the same in our life, most of us, we are so attached with what we have like the cups, our priority focus on big houses, luxury cars, beautiful clothing, latest gadget and other material stuffs… Moreover, we love to compare with others. If people are changing to new smart phone, we must own it too. When people are going for luxury vacation, we must follow as well irrelevant of our financial status. When people are changing to new car, we want a new car too……No ending on our wants if we keep comparing!

In such a situation, are we actually living a life? If you keep on comparing yourself with others, Are you enjoying what you have? Are you be gratitude with what you have? Are you happy with what you have?

We might miss out the most important part in life-like tasting the hot chocolate instead of focusing on the cups. Always ask yourself what are real purpose in life?

If you are keep focusing on the material wealth, you might miss out the good moment in life. Enjoy every moment in peace, calm, happiness, joy, contentment, compassion, gratitude, harmony, sharing and all kind virtues.

No matter how rich you are you can’t buy “Peace”, “Happiness”, “Gratitude”, “calm”, “Compassion”, “Contentment”….

You can’t bring material wealth to your graveyard, however your kind virtues will be always remember by others, touch and warmth their heart, inspired and followed by others.

What a meaningful life!

Live life simple and continue to cultivate your kind virtues! Always bring benefit and happiness to others and yourself too!

Happy Sunday!!!











9 responses to “What a meaningful life!

  1. Lovely post. Thanks for sharing!

    I think we believe that these things will please us, but actually are so preoccupied with what they MIGHT be like, that when we finally do obtain them, we don’t take the time to enjoy them. Our minds are then focussed on the next thing that will make us happy (and this chain continues).

    “The grass is always greener on the other side.” But in fact, we haven’t taken the time to enjoy the grass on our side. Doh!

    Thanks for the lovely sharing 🙂

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