Look at the little bee, he is enjoying himself with the beautiful flower.

Look at the little bee, he is enjoying himself with the beautiful flower. How about you? Are you enjoying the moment too? Photo courtesy from sis Chew

Do you think the bee will upset when he got his food and fly away from the flower?

Think about it, when the flowers are not belong to us, we don’t have the “ownership” like “My flowers”… We are happily enjoying the best moment. Situation changed, once you claim the ownership on the flowers, you might no longer enjoy the beauty of flower, you might start to create your own story, you are so worried that somebody might pluck your beautiful flowers, your beautiful flowers might fall after heavy rain, the plant might died off due to too much water…. there are many “if” happen. Thoughts after thoughts go in to your mind.

Are you still enjoying by looking at the flowers? or you are so worry you might lose your flower?

Our happiness, peacefulness, calm, harmony just decreasing once we claim “ownership”, we tend to control stuffs and this will suffering to yourself and also others.

It just like your children, do you claim “ownership” too? Are you controlling them? Are you insist that they must follow your way of living?

In life, we can’t control anything, inclusive of our precious body.

Let’s contemplate, “Are you own your body?”

Why should you work so hard to “own” a lot of stuffs, whereas in reality, nothing is belong to you.

Why should you create “suffering” to yourself?

Why not free yourself  and enjoy beautiful life NOW!




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