Is it yummy?

How do you feel when you look at the salad?

How do you feel when you look at the salad?

Are you eagerly to try?

Do you love the color combination?

Do you associate with yummy?

There is a lot of judgmental thoughts arisen in your mind.

Do you aware that you are continuously giving pluses and minuses in your mind about people, about things, about incident, about anything…?

Sometimes, we don’t even have peace of mind as too much noises in mind.

Today, I went for lunch and we ordered the salad. The presentation looked marvelous and one of my friend, she was eagerly asked to snap a photo as it was too tempting and beautiful.

We love to differentiate beauty from the appearance.

However, once we tasted the salad, it was tasteless except some salt on the aubergine. It was not our cup of tea. We don’t want to waste any food, so we just accepted and continue our eating. It reminded us that when we served lunch dana to our teacher, all food offering mixed in the monk’s alms bowl, yet our teacher are eating mindful with a heart of gratitude and also no differentiation, no preferences and eating happily. How great we can learn from them! With a heart of gratitude, we managed to finish the salad.

We love to give our judgement based on appearance, we tend to look for the packaging of products instead of product itself, we tend to judge others based on their dressing, latest gadget, cars, branded stuffs…Why are judging the container instead of content? Be appreciate and understand about the content! Never ever judge a person based on appearance, always remember external beauty will age and there is no expiry date for wisdom, kindness, compassion, generosity and all kind virtues.

Besides, when we served others with our cooking food, we might think this is the best and most delicious food, yet in reality other people might not appreciate it as we do. We might be unhappy if others give any negative remarks. We can’t force all people to love the food we love, why are we bringing suffering to other’s life? Do apply this in our spiritual practice, we can’t force others to follow our path too.

When we looked around the cafe, some of the customers, they are enjoying very much on the salad. It made us to further understand that there are many methods of spiritual practice to suit the needs of all beings. As such, don’t claim your practice is the best whereas others are bad. Respect the good value of other’s practice. Be harmony and peace with others!

When you are mindful, Dharma is all around us!

You can alway reflect on your learning!








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