Your perception…

Think about the consequences of your action...

Think about the consequences of your action, are you bringing happiness or suffering?Photo courtesy from Sis Chew.

How do you feel when you look at this beautiful wild fruits?

Do you attempt to pluck it and take a try?

How much are you going to pluck?

Only a few? or whole bunch?

When we were in Tibet, someone shared with us that you can consume this wild fruits.

Immediately, some of us eagerly to pluck whole bunch of the wild fruits. They just don’t bother whether they can finish the fruits.

Why are we take such a quick action?

To satisfy our “Want” and we are worried to “losing out”.

We might think about ourselves and neglect about other’s needs.

In life, a lot of time,  we might only think, focus, put priority about ourselves, to satisfy our needs and ignore about others. The worst part is we think our action is right based on our perception. How can we improve ourselves if we always think we are doing the right things?

My friends shared with me an interesting story, a group of friends hang out together. They need to get to a destination which they were unsure how to go. As such, they  decided to follow one of their friend who owned a good and powerful car which can speed really fast to lead the way. They drove their “average car” which can’t speed like their friend. They did their best to follow the car in front  yet no matter how hard they want to speed, their car just can’t perform well at all. So, Some of them lost their way as the leading car was  too fast.

We might think the leading car driver will slow down and wait for their friends.  In reality, the driver called up and asked her friends, “Can you all speed up? Why are you all so slow?”

She just can’t realize that she was too fast and immediately jam to conclusion that “others too slow” without understanding that her friend’s cars were not too powerful.

This is a great lesson in life, to remind us to be always mindful and put ourselves in others shoes. Don’t see thing and access situation based on our perception only.

Think about others too.

Be loving-kindness and compassion to others!!!

Do apply in your daily life and not only the time when you are in spiritual places.

Put your practice in every moment of your life!









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