beautiful thoughts…

What is the content of conversation usually when you talk to people?

Are you talking about something positive or negative?

Are you sharing kind virtues story to inspire people?

Are you actually sharing gossip with others?

Recently, I shared the story of the little stray monkey story with my friends. I mentioned to them that we are doing our best to help the little friend by feeding him breakfast daily. This is at least we can offer our help. You might think we are helping him; however the one who benefit the most is ourselves. We are learning to let go our greed, our self-interest, our wealth, our selfishness and transform ourselves towards the wholesome action by cultivating compassion and loving-kindness to all beings.

How great in life that we can grab the opportunity to serve and help!

“While thrift is a virtue, spending money on a worthy cause generates greater virtue” by Master Cheng Yen

By sharing the touching story with my friends, it’s warmed their heart and also expands their loving-kindness and compassion.


Look at the beautiful thoughts behind the gifts!

Look at the beautiful thoughts behind the gifts!

I received a bunch of bananas from my friend, to feed our little monkey friend. How wonderful!

You might wonder why there is butter roll bread in the photo.

I mentioned to one of my friends that Little Black, our lovely cat, he loved to enjoy butter roll. We try to feed him once, he love it so much and never want to take any other plain bread. As such, we’ll buy for him once we see any butter roll and my friend rush for payment as she wanted to share her loving-kindness to Little Black.

How nice!

Why not to share kind and good words with your surrounding?

Why not beautify your surrounding by lead by examples?

Don’t underestimate your true potential, transform yourself and then inspire your surroundings.











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