Nothing in return!

When you are helping others, do you expect something in return?

When you are kind to others, do you expect anything in return?

When you present a gift to others, do you expect any return?

If there is no return from others, are you continuously to give your unconditional love and kindness to others?

Are you disappointed if others not return your kindness?

Are you sad or angry when others not appreciated your helping hand or kindness?

I read a profound teaching from Master Cheng Yen, let’s contemplate and practice…

“Learn to develop pure and unconditional love; a love that has no sense of gain or loss,

that asks for nothing in return.

In this way we can free from worries.”

When you don’t expect anything in return, you are always happy as you are able to contribute and help others. It’s so awesome when we are able to serve others. What a great opportunity in life to bring happiness and look at smiling faces.

My lovely mum, she gave her unconditional love and kindness to my neighbor’s grand-daughter. The little girl is so cute, about 5 years old. She will call and chat with my mum whenever she see her around. The Little girl loved my mum’s cooking too. Sometimes, she will ask my mum to cook noodle or dessert. Of course, my mum will cook with happy and full hearted.

Today, the sweetie gave this lovable handmade gift to my mum.

Today, the sweetie gave this lovable handmade gift to my mum. It represented my lovely parent. They are truly happy when they received this gift from the little girl. It’s not the gift, it’s the beautiful thoughts. A little gift, a little kind thought bring a big smiles to my lovely parent’s heart.

My parent never expect anything from their unconditional love and kindness to the little girl, yet they received the lovable hand-made gift. It touched and warmth their heart.

Let’s give your unconditional love and beautify the surrounding!





8 responses to “Nothing in return!

  1. This is a central question which has intrigued me – thanks for re arousing my curiosity on the subject – I devoted a post to the subject under my Mystical Musings which can be found on the ‘pages’ section of my blog Search for the Soul which you can find by clicking my Gravatar – the gita also has a chapter on the subject and i now propose to post my next post Quotes for Today by quoting from it – would appreciate your comments on my post the Great Equation considering your interest in the subject – and thanks for visiting my other blog on poems.

  2. The practice of giving without expecting anything in return has led to radical changes in my life. Strained relationships shift and I have more of a lightness about life as well. Giving this way actually rewards the self more than any compliment or gift from another. Thank you for the reminder! All good things to you sweet soul.

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