Life is great!

Life is great! Be grateful in any moment of life! Photo courtesy from sis Chew.

Life is great! Be grateful in any moment of life! Photo courtesy from sis Chew.

Do you experience migraine headaches?

Migraine is a complex disorder involving the brain and the blood vessels around the brain and head.

Apparently, 1 in 4 women have migraine headaches, and 1 in 12 men have migraine headaches. It’s common yet there is no medication to cure it from incurred. It all depend you, to monitor your lifestyle and the potential causes to avoid it to trigger the attack of migraine.

Yesterday, I had a severe migraine headaches and it associated with vomiting. Normally, I don’t depend on medication to stop the pain, what I did was to observe the pain and let the body in total relaxation. The best way is to do nothing. Don’t against the pain, just accept it. The severe pain will make you to live at present moment, there is no other thought in mind, you can feel pretty well the pain movement from your head, moving from left to right, to your eyes, to the back of your head and the process is going on and on with no interval at all.

It reminded me that for beings who are suffering in the hell, facing the same scenario, facing tremendous pain without any interval too. Besides, for those people who are living in the war zone, they are also suffering non-stop pain in life. Moreover, our animal friends when facing slaughter moment, it’ll pain after pain too…Let’s be compassion to all this living beings who are in great suffering. Do our best to help them to relieve from suffering.

There is no notice for migraine attack, it can happen anytime. So, it teaching us that “There is nothing we can actually control in life even our lovely and precious body, you can’t control too.” Live at present moment, the only precious moment in life. There is meaningless to keep thinking about the past and also worry about the future. Nothing you can help! Live well in present moment, your future will be great too.

You can do a lot of planning in life, yet you can’t even execute or implement when you are sick. Take care of your health, always remember “Health is Wealth”.Don’t spend your whole life,  your full effort, your top priority to accumulative wealth, later you are going to trade your “Wealth” for your “Health”. Why not live a simple and moderate life? To have a quality and balance lifestyle.

It also reminded me, how blessed that we can be a volunteer to help others. When you are sick, there is impossible for you to help others yet you might need help from others. Do appreciate the opportunity of volunteer service, to help others and also helping yourself, to further reduce your “greed”, “anger” and “ignorant”. How wonderful!

Sometimes, we might totally neglect our body when there is no pain happen. We might even thought this is normal. We might also forget to take care of our diet, do exercise and have a relaxing lifestyle. Be grateful when you are healthy! Make full use of your great health to do wholesome action which bring great benefit to yourself and others.

May you be well and happy!

Happy weekend!










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