Are you mindful when you are talking with others?

Are you mindful when you are sending text message or email?

Are you mindful whenever you open your mouth or even start to type your message?

Are you aware whether whatever you are going to share is going to bring harm or  benefit to others?

Are you actually sharing happiness or bringing suffering?

Are you spreading love, compassion, peace, harmony and calm?

Are you actually cultivating hatred, fear, jealousy, discrimination, self-interest, greediness, violent, worry, and others unwholesome action?

Sometimes, when we are not mindful about our speech and words,  we might cause harm or suffering to others without realization.

This is invisible wound that hurt people for life.

Always remember that our life purpose is to bring happiness to others.

I read a very profound teaching from Thich Nhat Hanh, before we send any email, text message or even talk to others, please recite the below:

“Words can travel thousands of miles.

May my words create mutual understanding and love.

May they be as beautiful as gems as lovely as flowers.”

How profound!

Let’s apply to our daily life, giving loving kindness speech and messages to others.Purify yourself and also your surrounding.

It reminded me on what I saw this morning… After a heavy rain last night, so many mushrooms grow in our garden.

Imagine your kind words like rain, you are going to cultivate kindness in your surrounding, just like the rapid grow of mushrooms after rain.

What a cute little mushroom?

What a cute little mushroom!

Let's your kind words or speeches grow like mushrooms after rain.

There was completely no mushroom yesterday. Yet we saw the beautiful mushrooms in the morning.  How powerful! Let’s your kind words or speeches grow like mushrooms after rain. 

If you’ve nothing to say, nothing to benefit others, the best way is to be silence.

“The most beautiful sound in the world is SILENCE.” By Ajahn Brahm


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