happy walk in garden…

The most enjoyable and relaxing moment in life is to have a walk in garden and look at the beautiful plants, the greenery, meeting up a lot of “new friends”,  it’s full of energy and so alive.

Usually, I can enjoy this precious moment in the morning during off day with my lovely Little Black, the little being at home…

He is our lovely family member, who love to have a walk in garden..

He is our lovely family member, who love to have a walk in garden in the morning to enjoy the fresh air, fresh scent from the nature.. It’s so alive!

Just doing some simple warm up exercise in the garden, enjoy the serenity, peacefulness, fresh air, cooling breeze… You can enjoy the happy breathe in and out with such a good air quality… so fresh!

This is the beautiful moment in life!

You can also do nothing in the garden, just blend in with the nature, being here and now.

I remember a great teaching from Ajahn Brahm, what is the meaning of human being? It meant being here and now. However, in this modern world, its great challenges for us to be here and now, we tend to move forward, always thinking about future yet we are totally forgotten about now. E.g. When we are eating, we intend to think what we should have for next meal? When we are in vacation, we are also intended to think where should I go for next destiny? When are buying a new clothes, we tend to think where to get a new pair of shoes? We are always in hurry, yet we don’t know why we are so busy? What are we chasing? We can’t enjoy now, our mind is keep wandering!

How to be in peace and calm?

When I asked my friend, can you be absolutely do nothing? She was shocked and looked at me in “blank”, then only she replied, “Do nothing! No way, I must be with my smart phone at least… I can’t just sit there  by do nothing, I must do something…” Usually, I’ll advise them to try… be totally relax body and mind, no need to feel guilty for do nothing. It’s a great practice.

Why not take a try?

I spend my beautiful moment in the garden, no matter how many times I walked the same path yet I am always get a chance to meet so many new friends…

Little butterfly… So cute!

Little butterfly… So cute!

The beautiful spider, look like a human faces...

The beautiful spider, look like a human faces…

Big black ant...

Big black ant…

Why not just do nothing in garden! Enjoy the being here and now with all your new friends!

What a beautiful life!

10 responses to “happy walk in garden…

  1. I enjoy so much all of the good helpful things each time you write that help me live life more fully. I look at the wonderful photos and often enlarge them so that can I can see even more. Thanks so much.

  2. Thanks for a lovely post…

    Nature is god’s gift to us. All of his beauty is reflected in the habitat he has made for us and other lovely beings.

    Unfortunately I live in a big city so there is not that much wildlife here but there are parks and we have a lovely garden.

    A lot of my friends live out in the countryside so it is nice to be with them in the ‘wilderness’ from time to time.

    It is very refreshing to spend time in the open with our animal friends. We have lovely deer parks here with geese and swan.

    So tranquil and beautiful!!

  3. The mantra taught to me is “Be nothing, do nothing”! It means have no ego and do you do nothing really it is God who makes it happen. So just go with the flow 🙂

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