go toilet?

Which part of house is most  important to you?

Living hall?



Study room?

Car porch?


Entertainment room?

No matter how beautiful and how much you spend in your home renovation, if you don’t have a clean toilet, nothing work well.

Imagine, if your toilet break down, what’ll happen?

Your house is full of the horrible smell! and most important you can’t be at ease and happy as you need to use your toilet from time to time. This is our nature unless you don’t drink or eat…

To take care of your home hygienic, please start to clean your toilet.

You want to go to toilet?

You want to go to toilet?

During our journey to Tibet. one of the challenge was to go to toilet in the middle of journey.

It was hard to look for a hygiene toilet, most of the toilet was in terrible conditions, some no door, horrible smell, superb dirty, no water to clean up…..

You need great courage to go to toilet.

Most of us, we don’t go to toilet in the middle of journey unless no choice and by force.

Some of our team members, vomited after went to toilet.

It was beyond imagination. In such a condition, there is pointless to be angry… to be upset… to be frustrated, just accept the conditions with open mind, use the “Toilet” whenever needed without thinking much. Don’t be a “director” to create more stories for frightening yourself!

It’s a great lesson, we are much appreciated for the cleanliness of toilet at home and also in our home country.

A great reminder that “A beautiful home start from a clean toilet.”

It’s can apply in our life too, start mind purification as a first step towards the path of awakening





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