photo taking…

What do you focus when you go for traveling?

Are you only busily taking plenty of photos during sightseeing? Most important to capture your portrait in the scenery?

Huge number of group photos? non- stop taking photos with your family and friends?

Think about it, how do you handle all this photos after your travel?

Do you actually need to take so many photos?

Are you using your photos for the benefit of others?

Just as simple question, are you allowing a quiet moment for yourself to be blended with the scenery?

Are you allowing yourself to have a moment to observe the surrounding, people, nature, culture…?

Are you learning something after your journey? or you only focus to bring home thousand of photos, which majority you are the hero/ heroin in the photos?

Some of my friends not even have time to open such a huge file after the trip, moreover if you want to show to others, they might not even have time to look at it.

What for? Why not grab the opportunity to appreciate your surrounding and capture some touching moment which bring benefit to others?

Be moderate in your photo taking and give yourself ample time to be quiet and observe the beauty of nature.

I am touched when I look at this precious moment in life, full of love, happiness and joy...

I am touched when I look at this precious moment in life, full of love, happiness and joy…

The family was together for an outing… The most precious scene was they brought along their grandpa who was in a wheelchair.

They love and care on the elderly grandpa. What a kind virtues that we can learn from them!

They team up to carry the grandpa in wheelchair from a staircase…

Even though, it might be inconvenience to bring the grandpa out, but the family never leave him alone at home.

Just look around our surrounding, some might hardly to spend time with their parent, not even give a call, to have lunch or dinner, don’t even dream of a vacation with parent. Some might even “dump” their parent in old folk home and assume they accomplish their responsibility.

We can have so much time with others but not for our family especially our lovely parent, who love us dearly!

Always remember that “Treat your parent like the way you pay respect to Buddha. In Buddhism, Our parent are like living Buddhas at home.”

“Of all the kinds of good practices, filial piety is the first.”













4 responses to “photo taking…

  1. Lovely post and photo

    In Hinduism the rewards for service to parents is greater than the reward for service to God. Love shown towards parents is seen as greater than love shown towards God.

    Parents sacrifice so much to bring us into this world and nurture us. They give everything to us without any expectations from us.

    But some are too aware of this and hence absolve themselves of the love that should be returned. And without this love our parents end up growing lonely and older quickly.

    Thanks for the beautiful message…

    Let’s keep our parents happy in the same way they kept us happy and be happy altogether!!

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