be mindful…

How beautiful is the flowers! Just imagine if each visitors pluck one flower, do you think others can enjoy the beautiful scenery?

How beautiful is the flowers! Just imagine if each visitors pluck one flower, do you think others can enjoy the beautiful scenery? Always be mindful on your action!

How do you react when you see some buffet line or cocktail party in exhibition showcase?

Are you just join the queue?

Are you walking straight and help yourself for food before even asking the organizer?

Based on my personal experience, once there are any buffet line in exhibition showcase, people are eagerly to come over to grab the free food, without even asking “are they invited?”

They assume they deserved the meal. Moreover, they even dare to ask for unreasonable request.

When you approach them, and shared with them, “This is based on invitation only.” Some might pretend don’t know and continue eating.

Some might even seated and wanted so much for the food to be served.

People might think why not grab the free food, there is nothing wrong. They act naturally like they are doing wholesome action.

I felt really compassion for this group of people.

Let’s contemplate and look deeply, their action is link to the “greediness” and also protecting the “self, Me, I, Mine”.

They just can’t stop themselves when they look at free “Food” at public area, they just want to satisfy their desires, to grab it without thinking much. They even think they gain…

Think about it, if you are having party at home, you’ve ordered food based on the confirmed attendance and suddenly the turn up is more than your estimation. What will happen?

Your food is not enough for everyone and it’s not fair to your invited guests.

The same apply when you take other’s food which is not meant for you….

Always remember if you don’t ask and you are not invited, it can also associate with “Stealing”…

Why not discipline yourself? Always think about the consequences of your action, if it bring harm and disaster to your surrounding, don’t do it.

It reminded me how great to observe precepts, it act as a safe guard from doing unwholesome action.

Bring happiness to your surrounding by taking wholesome action.












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