Let's your mind be unshakeable no mater how much challenges you are facing in life!

Let’s your mind be unshakeable no mater how much challenges you are facing in life!

In life, anybody can be our teacher, we can learn from people we are meeting, we are dealing, we are interact, even a stranger also our teacher.

To know whether we’ve any progress in our daily spiritual practice, the best moment is when we are facing challenges in life.

When somebody accused you for something you never do, for something is not your fault, how do you react?

When somebody scolded or being sarcastic to you, how do you feel?

Are you upset?

Are you angry?

Are you depressed?

Do you agreed with whatever people accused?

Why not be in silence? Pointless to argue with unreasonable people.

The truth is out there.

Based on my experience, no matter how many times you can test or rehearsal before any event, even though everything run well, however, it might go wrong in the actual event day.

How do you react if something go wrong?

Are you immediately blame on others?

Are you scolded others?

Are you in great fear and you want to escape from your responsibility?

Why not, be silence and be cool, instead of in panic and easily finding fault in others, just focus on looking for the best solutions to resolve the crises.

Treat everyone like our great master, no matter what type of situation we are facing in life, treat as a great learning point. Not to repeat the unwholesome action from others and always be compassion to the people who are doing unwholesome action. They are living in suffering!

Always remember to go back to your practice, be silence and calm!





4 responses to “unshakeable…

  1. This is a wonderful post, Li Jiun.

    “A fool is known by his speech; a wise man by his silence” Pythagoras

    Sometimes I take criticism badly, and my instant reaction is to become defensive in the heat of the moment. This often leads to regret on my side.

    The beauty of staying silent is it makes you listen and from that you learn more. Rather than reacting which eliminates the action of listening.

    “The more you listen, the more you learn” as my teachers would say

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