Be loser… Enjoy the peacefulness and serenity in life!

Be a loser… Enjoy the peacefulness and serenity in life!

A lot of, we wanted so much to be “winner” in life..

In order to be “winner”, we need to compete with others, we might engage with unwholesome action in order to win.

When we know the new release of gadget, immediately we rush to get it, be the first to own and show off to friends, to satisfy ourself and to get attention…In order to keep up to be winner, we must be the first to grab the new gadget. Our life is being tied by our strong desire, it’ll never end and you are not going to satisfy for life. Keep chasing, keep running…

Some of us, we worked hard to climb the corporate ladder no matter using what type of method, they might use methods which against their conscience, to give liar, to bad mouth others, to use strategy to cause problem to others, to sacrifice their precious time with family, to sacrifice their health in the name of success..

Some of us, we might just want to “WIN” in any argument, discussion, we might not be mindful on the our words and hurt others without realization. We are not going to let go until we Win, think about it? Who is in suffering? Only you, yourself.

Some of us, we might want to be the winner among friends, we love to compare about wealth , property, cash, houses, cars…

What’s the meaning of “Winner” if you live your life in suffering? You might be rich, wealthy, powerful, yet if you don’t get peace of mind, you can’t sleep well, no quality lifestyle… Is it what you want?

In the name of winner, you might need to do a lot of unwholesome action, is it worth it?

I always share with people who I want to be a loser in life….

When they heard about “Loser”?

Most of them got a shock, they associate loser with negativity.

I want to lose greed, ignorant, arrogant, ego, anger, doubt, all unwholesome action in my life…

How great to be a loser!!! You are going to live a peaceful and calm life.

Why not take a try?

Think about it!





12 responses to “loser?

  1. Haha…brilliant

    The biggest winners are often losing. They gain at the expense of others and themselves.

    In knowing that you need nothing, you are really the winner as nobody can take anything from you.

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