like father like son…

Little Black, our lovely cat treated our parent like his parent after we’ve lost Little White.

My father took care of him like his own little boy.

Not many cats in our neighborhood, only one superb fierce Big Fat black cat, he love to bully all cats who are in our neighborhood. Of course, Little black also one of the victim.

Recently, Little black become so smart, he doesn’t dare to leave our house, he always asking my father to accompany him to the garden. Normally, People love to walk the dog, my father is alway walking with a cute little cat. What a great relationship, like father like son!

Whenever, my father is doing gardening, Little black is happily spend his lovely time in the garden. Of course, Little Black love my mother too. Everyday, Mum will feed him with vitamins since he got the fungal infection, this is his happiest moment. He love Vitamins. Then, Mum will rub his little body with warm towel, so Little black is a clean cat.

Besides, my parent also love to talk to this little boy… he seems like understand what we are saying lately. He is growing up day by day, he know how to response with his “meow” language.

Look at this little being, it reminded us whenever you are going to adopt a pet, please treat them like your daughter or son, give them unconditional love. Don’t assume you complete your responsibility by giving food and drink, please give your unconditional love and time to them. It’s apply the same to the way you treat your children, your family, your friends.. It’s not only money or material, most important your love and your precious time to accompany them.

Look at his sleeping pattern, is just like us...

Look at his sleeping pattern, like a little boy..Little Black is copying our sleeping pattern too. We love to spend time to look at this little being, it’s so relax, peace and calm moment in life!






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