“Ah Wong”, a gratitude dog…

Are you gratitude to people who help you?

Do you remember people who treat you nice?

Some of us, we might totally forget who helped us before and might also assume other’s help is a “must”, not talking about be gratitude.

This morning, We met with a new dog, “Ah Wong”  from our neighbor’s house.

Why he is with our neighbor?

It’s because our neighbor’s dog just passed away and they need a guard dog for security.

As such, One of our neighbor, Alice,  she is a kind-hearted lady and she is managing a  non- profit animals shelter home. She borrowed “Ah Wong” from her friend and temporary put him in my neighbor house for security reason.

"Ah Wong" looked so unhappy as he need to separate from all his friends...

“Ah Wong” looked so unhappy as he is separated from all his friends… Now, he is alone in the new place…

We can sense he was so stress and not use to the new environment. We try to talk to him and continue to praise him, motivate him, yet he look sad and depressed.

We understood from Alice that she rescued him as a puppy and adopted by her friend. Previously, he was stayed with 12 doggie, his lovely friends, they are running happily, playing joyfully… Now, he is alone. He can’t accept the separation. It’s same as us… We are also not use to separation in life!

He was extremely happy when he saw Alice, He talked to her in “dog” language that he wanted to go home, he asked Alice don’t leave him here and accompany him.

Alice mentioned to Ah Wong, “Boy, Stay one more night and help our neighbor to guard the house. See how’s thing go? If you can’t adapt, I bring you home tomorrow.”

Look at him, behave so difference from previous photo. He still remember, Alice is his life savior.

Look at him, behave so difference from previous photo. He still remember, Alice is his life savior and so happy to see her. They love each others!

I am touched in this moment of life,  the true love between human and animal…moreover, an animal can be gratitude to his life savior and he can remember the kindness of others, How about us? Are you gratitude to people who help you?

Think about our parent, are you gratitude to them who raise us since baby?

Are you treat them like the way they treat you since young?

Are you leaving them once you grown up?

Are you assume their love to you is “A MUST”?

Are you only giving them monetary support and you assume you’ve done with your role as “Daughter” and “Son”?

Are you giving your love and time to accompany them?

Don’t be regret in your life, express your gratitude to people who help and support you!

Look at the lovely “Ah Wong”… he expressed his love and gratitude.

Why waiting? Let’s do it!




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