Is it snowing?

It’s look like snow… the reality is a salt lake… Don’t live in illusions! Be real!

Recently, I heard a true story from one of my teacher (Fashi) and it make us to contemplate further on meaning of life.

Normally in dog racing, in order to make the dog to keep running, they are putting a fake “rabbit”, look and smell like real rabbit. All doggies love to chase after the so-called robotic rabbit.

One of the dog, always be the champion. He can really run fast and keep all his energy to chase the robotic rabbit.

During one of the race, he was leading ahead, suddenly he stopped and he looked back on the other doggies who were running and kept chasing the robotic rabbit. What he did was a big surprise to everyone in the racing field…

He run to the robotic rabbit, bite on it and disappeared from the racing field.

The winner dog was suddenly awakened that all this while he was chasing on illusions…nothing real!

How about you?

Take sometimes to contemplate about the story….

Ask yourself deeply:

Are you live like the “Champion” dog?

What are you chasing in life?

Are you also like the doggie, keep chasing for illusions?

Do you know how to differentiate the reality and illusions?

Are you always wanted to be a winner in life?

Are you awake?

Only you can awake yourself…

Not to sleep anymore, be awakening….






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