beautiful people…

Khenpo's mother, "Mama", a simple women always think about others instead of herself...

Khenpo’s mother, “Mama”, a simple women always think about others instead of herself…

How often do you put other’s need as top priority?

How often do you think about other’s need?

How often do you care about others?

Sometimes, we might mention that we see others in us. To say and To do, it might be a big gap or big difference. Some of us, we love to say beautiful things, yet it’s alway remain in talking only, nothing done after the talking.

We met with Khenpo (teacher)’s parent and have a chance to understand and experience  “put other’s need as top priority”, It touched and warmth our heart…

During our first meeting, he bought dinner for us, more than 20 of us… What a generosity action!

When we went to his house, Khenpo’s father was so busy to take out all the food and drink to serve us. He kept on asking us, “Have a seat, take some food and drink.” Once, we stood up, immediately he came in to the living hall and asked, “Anything you need?”… Besides, once we put down our drink, immediately he came in to offer another drink for us… What a great lesson we can learn in life! He care about us genuinely from his heart with kindness and no other intention.

During our traveling time, he bought so much local delights for us to eat during the journey. So thoughtful! He wanted us to try and experience.

When the time we left Yushu, he gave each of us a bag of  Tibet ginseng fruits to share with our family members.

What a beautiful thought with love and kindness!

A simple and nice elderly people with beautiful and caring thoughts for others, he gave his unconditional loving kindness to all people he meet.

I respect the most of Khenpo’s parent as they are willing to let both of their son to be monk, to be our spiritual teacher, to share the Dharma and help us to relieve from suffering.

What a great love!

How great in life to meet and learn from such a wonderful people!

Papa, this is how we addressed him, thanks for showing us the kind virtues…

May “papa” and family be always well and happy!










2 responses to “beautiful people…

  1. Beautiful lessons – shows that we are all teachers and students of one another.

    Must have been wonderful to have been treated with such kindness – truly inspirational and the blessings they must have received from all shows us that kindness pays and returns ten-fold.

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