best moment in life…

Happy Saturday!

A great way to start a lovely holiday, to have a walk with our little being, Little Black in the garden.

How lovely is Little Black! He was following us for the walk at the garden...

How lovely is Little Black! He was following us for the walk in the garden…

The garden still look the same, however the situation change as previously, Little Black and Little White spent their happy playing moment in the garden. Now, Little Black is spending his own time in the garden, he is gradually adjusting himself to live life without his elder brother, Little White.

This incident reminded me about one of the profound teaching from Ajahn Brahm, be silence and contemplate below questions:

1. When is the best moment of life?

2. When is the best time to say sorry?

3. When is the best time to say “I Love you”?

4. Who is the most important people?

Most of us, we are always thinking we have plenty of time to live on our life, We might even forget about “Life is impermanence” and anything might happen in any moment of life.

As such, we love to procrastinate to express our love or even say sorry.

Think about it, just like the missing of Little White, it was so sudden. We might not even have any more chance to express our love.

Why not do it NOW? The only moment in life!

Some even think that the best moment is in FUTURE, as such, they forget to live at NOW!

Treasure now, treat it as the only moment you’ve in life.

The most important people is the one you are “with” now. e.g. The friend you are talking to…, your family you are with now..

Once you miss the “NOW” moment, you might miss it for life!

Give your full attention to people you are with NOW!

This morning, I was with a few new friends…. Check out how beautiful are they..

The beautiful fly…

The beautiful fly…

The colorful being...

The colorful being…

The tiny grasshopper...

The tiny grasshopper…

Be at now! Enjoy the best moment in life!











8 responses to “best moment in life…

  1. A beautiful post, Lijiun. I am so sorry for your family as you miss your companion. The energy and love in our universe is ever moving, but never entirely lost. Best wishes, WG

  2. Aaah, i love this post. Today i was watching rats chasing each other over rocks…a beautiful moment of being in the Now. Love x

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