Little being at home…

Our lovely cat, Little White has been missing for more than 2 weeks.

Our family still talk about him everyday, what we are talking about was the happy moment we had celebrated together, the kind virtues shown by him, the unconditional love to Little Black-the little kitten, loving-kindness and compassion. How fortunate we are that we’ve spent slightly more than 3 wonderful years with him.

How cute and lovely is Little black!

How cute and lovely is Little black! We are grateful to have him in our life!

Little White shared all his know how  and skills with Little Black, he treated him like brother like son… Such a strong and warmth relationship. Little Black, he missed his brother deeply, initially he waited for him to be home every day.

One of the night, Little Black went out to the garden to look for his brother, unfortunately, he has been attacked and chased by the big fat black cat in our neighborhood. Thanks to the teaching from Little White, he knew the escape route and he can really ran fast, however he still got slight injuries.   Little black was in deep frightening and fear,  he urine and shit at our car park area. When we saw him, his heart pumping superb fast…. like it can stop anytime. Of course, we kept on comforting him, Let’s him to stay at calm and peace and also clean up his body as full of the smell of urine.

This incident gave us a big impact, “never ever bully or abuse others either mentally or physically. How much suffering we can cause to other’s life!” Always see others in you, be kind and compassion.

After this incident, Little Black insist my father to accompany him when he wants to go to garden. A lovely cat also learn a great lesson in life!

Recently, he spent time to sleep in one of the boxes which Little White love to play hide and seek with him. This is his way to remember his lovely brother. He even took over his brother job, to wake us up every morning, even though most of time, he got the wrong timing. We are very touched to have such a wonderful being stay with us. Of course, deeply gratitude to Little White who adopted Little Black home.

The big fat black cat act as bully in our neighborhood. His favorite act is to bully Little White. To our surprise,  The big fat black cat also helping us to look for Little White and he always look into our house, perhaps he also wonder where is Little White? He felt the loneliness!

Animal friends also like us, full of loving kindness and  compassion.

Respect and love them! Treat them equally like the way how you treat yourself!





19 responses to “Little being at home…

  1. I am so sorry Little White has not yet returned home. I hope he will soon! I feel your loss, as I lost my 14-year old cat, Zoe, just last week. (Old age, the vet said.) We have other loving cats, but each leaves a print on our hearts. We are blessed to have them in our lives!

  2. So sorry to hear Little White still has not returned home and also that Little Black was traumatized by the neighborhood bully. Sending them and you much love today lijiun. ❤

  3. I wonder why, after loosing one cat, you would let the other cat out? Where i live, when we love our cats they are inside pets. In this way they are able to live long, safe and happy lives. I cried when you reported Little White was missing. It is too sad to even think about Little Black dead or missing.

    • You are right! However, Little White was a stray cat and he came to our house at the aged of about 1 year old, as such he love outdoor and freedom in life. Little black was adopting by him, as such, he brought him out too. We are doing our best now to reduce the outdoor time for Little Black yet we can’t limit all his freedom. We’ll do our best to care and love our lovely little being. Thank you!

  4. All life as you say is impermanent, all things eventually vanish. I hope you find Little White again. Amber my garden fox has been missing for over two months now, I share your feelings of missing a living creature.

  5. Thank you for liking “Autumn Splendor.” I am sorry to hear your cat is missing. Do you have an animal shelter for stray pets where you live? If so, you might want to check there. One of my cats did not return home for a few days or so, and my brother found him at our local animal shelter.

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