The power of SMILE…

Today,  I went to supermarket to get some groceries, when I checkout for payment. I gave a smile to the cashier, to my surprise, he asked me, “Why are you so happy?”

My answer: “Why not be happy, why should we be sad?”

He continued asked, ” Is it any special festival today?”

I said: “Nope, nothing special. We can be happy in any moment of life. No need to wait until celebration, then only you are happy and you can SMILE. You don’t need any reason to SMILE”

Finally, He smile to me…..

I shared with him that Happiness is contagious, smile always as it cost nothing to you… Why not be generous with your lovely smile, you are going to cheer up your life and others too.”

What a simple act! Remember to smile from heart!

I vow to do my best to bring happiness to people surrounding! I wish people can smile from their heart.

When I went to Tibet, I saw an elderly lady like grandma was trying her best to sell the Tibetan Prayer flag. Actually, I don’t have any intention to buy the prayer flag again as I bought before.

However, When I looked into her eyes, she desperate want to sell the flag, perhaps she need income. I bought, hopefully this little act can bring slight relieve to her life.

After hung up the Tibetan Prayer flag together with my sister, I decided to give a small token of money to  grandma in order to cheer her up. She never ask anything from me except selling the flag.

I saw a beautiful smile from her face, her reaction was like “so surprise and unbelievable” and she chanted “Om Mani Padme Hum” as a blessing.

My heart was blossom with joy and happiness!

How beautiful is the spirit of giving!

May the elderly grandma be well and happy!

May the elderly grandma be well and happy!


A little gesture of kindness can bring tremendous happiness to other’s life!

Why not just do it!

Don’t delay, don’t give excuses… ..give your unconditional loving kindness and BIG SMILE!

You can always make a difference in your life and others too!






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