on time…

How beautiful is the sunset! Imagine if you are not on time, what'll happen? You are going to miss the best moment in life!

How beautiful is the sunset! Imagine if you are not on time, what’ll happen? You are going to miss the best moment in life!

Are you punctual?

Are you on time to meeting?

Are you on time to appointment?

Sometimes, some of us love to be late no matter where we go.

We might even think that no big deal if we only late for a few minutes.

Just imagine, if there is a meeting consists of 10 people, say you are late for 5 minutes and everybody is waiting for you, how much time actually you are wasting for yourself and also others?

No matter how rich you are, you can’t buy “time passed”. Once time passed, no way to reverse. You live once in every second in life!

Treasure every second of life, make good use and do something which benefit to yourself and others.

During our recent trip, some of our team members were always late, sometimes, we need to wait about 30-45 minutes before we can depart and start our journey.

It was a great opportunity for us to learn to be patience, to understand the inconvenience caused to others if we are not on time, always remember that our life purpose is to benefit to others.

Just asked yourself, if you are late, are you benefiting to others?

We need to bear consequences for our action. Due to the habit of not on time, we almost missed our transit flight. All of us, we are rush in to the check in like “a group of mad people”, however we were lucky to rush in for the  “last call”, we were able to board the flight.

After this incident, most of us “awake” and “realize” how important of punctuality. We travelled early for our return flight. Everyone of us felt so relieved and relaxed. We even got time to enjoy a cup of coffee in the airport!

Be discipline, be on time, Let’s your action be benefit to yourself and others!

Respect your time and respect others too!










4 responses to “on time…

  1. A very very inspiring post lijiun ! Absolutely loved it and will try to act on it.. Thanks a lot for sharing this… 🙂 The final lines were bliss itself..

  2. Thank you for a lovely post, Li Jiun.

    Timeliness is a very important personal attribute. Many of life’s successful people talk of the importance of punctuality to them succeeding in their lives.

    They say first impressions count. If you are late for your first meeting with somebody, it is not going to leave a very good impression with that person.

    Saying you will be somewhere at a certain time and then not being there shows a lack of integrity or laziness. We can start to form habits of tardiness which are not helpful to character building and our reputation. But it is never too late to change our habits.

    So be good and be punctual!!

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