real test in life…

Put your spiritual practice in your daily life. Appreciate and be grateful for anything happen in life!

Put your spiritual practice in your daily life. Appreciate and be grateful for anything happen in life!

Some of us, we might alway say we want less in life….

We might spend a lot time to study about sutra, we might even agree on all the teaching in sutra and some of us we might vow and pledge to follow and practice.

However, When we are facing the challenges/ situation in life, there is a real “test” in life whether are we actually practicing what we vow? what we learn?

When we travel with our teacher, they’ve so less luggage to bring as compared to us, their luggage bag is cabin size, ours is much bigger size.

It’s quite obvious that we still have so much “want” in life.

Recently, When we flight from Yushu to Xining, we can’t get our luggage bag as bad weather.

This was the first experience and also the real test in life. You’ll know well whether are you practicing the teaching.

Most of our belonging was in the luggage.

We were quite lucky as we’ve stored one small hand carry luggage in the hotel, however, it was not sufficient too. No toiletries, no skin care,  no warm clothes……

The other challenge was we need to ride on the Qinghai-Tibet train the next day. It was 24 hours train ride.

It was quite inconvenience without luggage.

If you are facing such a situation, How do you react?

Anger, frustration, keep on asking “why me? How can this happen?”,disturbance…..

Sis & I, we accepted this incident with calm and peace. We knew that anything can be happened in any moment of life. Just accept and move on.. Why worry?

Whatever happened, let it happened, why should we being disturbed? Always asked yourself, who is disturbing your peace and calm?

To us, we are thinking it was a great opportunity to practice “less” in life. To further understand, the difference between our want and need.

We were able to live through until we got back our luggage. We only bought a body lotion as the weather was too dry. That’s all!

Everything happen in life for a reason, thanks for the great opportunity to learn and practice.

Like the teaching from Ajahn Brahm, ” Good or Bad, who knows?”











6 responses to “real test in life…

  1. I locked my keys in my car late at night and this is something that has happened quite often to me this year.
    I understand how inconveniences like this are opening us up to accept everything in life with a different attitude. And the other night, it seemed so easy – so natural to say to myself “just so.”
    A lot of the things that look like misfortunes are really the Divine interceding and protecting us, keeping us aligned for what we must really do.
    I love your attitude and your blog:)
    Keep writing and reminding us of the truth!

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