Group traveling..

Let's your speech like the fragrance of flowers, bring happiness and benefit to others.

Let’s your speech like the fragrance of flowers, bring happiness and benefit to others.

When we travelled in a group, there is a best way to learn great lessons in life.

Different people, always come with different opinions in life.

Some of the people love to keep talking, grumbling, complaining, nagging, gossiping…

Sometimes, it might be annoying and disturbing.

However, We must always bear in mind that we are from different culture, background, bringing up, family…

How to live in peace ,calm and harmony in a group?

To accept the differences with open mind and also to compromise, be patience, tolerance, listen more  and talk less and also talk when necessary.

I read a profound teaching from Socrates.

A disciple of Socrates, he wanted so much to talk to Socrates.

Socrates asked him, whether whatever he wanted to share with him meet the below criteria:

1. Is it the truth? Is the source from hear-say? or you witness and hear from yourself?

2. Is it benefit to others? Is it wholesome?

3. Is it important?

After listened to what Socrates’s said, the disciple mentioned that ” I’ve nothing to talk to you.”

The reason was the disciple wanted to share with his teacher about hear-say from others and also gossiping.

Talk when necessary, talk when you are benefit to others, talk when it’s truth and also important. Imagine if we apply this in our life, how much conflict and miscommunication we can avoid? How easy to foster great relationship  with others? How peaceful and stillness our mind can be?

A great quote from Buddha:

“Do not speak- unless it improves on silence.”













4 responses to “Group traveling..

  1. I feel really calm after reading your posts and also you bring out some long forgotten ideals which are needed to achieve true wisdom and goals.. Thank you.. 🙂

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