Be gratitude!

Recently, I read a very meaningful quote from Master Cheng Yen. ““Be grateful for everyday.”
It was so profound!

Think about it…

Everything, we use in life, we need help and support from others.
Just look around from you, your pen, paper, pencil, laptop, smart phones, fan, air- conditioner, car, handbag, shirt, clothes, watches, TV, shoes, handkerchief, wallet, name card, table, chairs, bed, knife, scissors, jewelry, accessories, lighting, photo, camera .….

Whatever you name it… majority from the effort of others..

How about food?

Rice, spaghetti, vegetables, cooking oil, salt, sugar, tea, coffee, flour, cake, chips, vinegar, biscuits, potatoes, tomatoes, soya bean, nuts, ……

Are you grateful to others support? or you are just thinking you can use “MONEY” and buy everything you want?

Is it truth?

With the help of others, we can see such a wonder in life...

With the help of others, we can see such a wonder in life…

Our spiritual journey to Tibet was planned and organized by our Khenpo, our teacher in Tibetan language, of course not forgetting all volunteers who contribute selflessly in arranging this trip for us to enjoy and experience the beauty, peace, calm, faith, determination, the people, the culture and all beautiful things happened in Tibet.

Open up your heart, be broad minded, be free and happy!

Open up your heart, be broad-minded, be free and happy!

Our Khenpo, He shown us the best practice of  patience, compassion, loving kindness and other kind virtues. He is always put others at his first priority. To him, others are more important, our happiness is the best gift to him. He mentioned to us that be happy, don’t get angry, learn as much as possible in order to help more beings in life. One more good thing we can learn from him, not to gossip about others! He’ll stop anybody from talk bad about others.

Before we travelled to Tibet, he asked us to open our heart, not to be bothered by small matters in life, let go, be free and look at the flat grass field in the beautiful mountain.


What a happy life!

One of the touching incident, when we checked in hotel, we saw a 5 liter mineral water in our room. We were truly surprise that such a big bottle of mineral water was prepared by hotel.

Only the next day, we knew that it was prepared by Khenpo. What a kind thought!

Our deepest gratitude to have such a great teacher in life and also all other beings for helping us to accomplish such a meaningful journey in life!

Be gratitude in every moment of life! May we shine out our kind virtues like the beautiful sunlight!

Be gratitude in every moment of life! May we shine out our kind virtues like the beautiful sunlight!




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