This morning, I took a walk in garden together with Little Black, our lovely little cat.

I saw this touching moment…

A big and little grasshopper… They are happily hanging together...

A big and little grasshopper… They are happily hanging together…like mother and son, like elder and younger brother, like father and son….

It reminded us how close was Little White and Little Black, the lovely brothers!

It reminded us how close was Little White and Little Black, the lovely brotherhood!

Until today, there is no news on Little White even though, my father is looking for him daily from one garden to another, from houses to shop houses, from rubbish bin, drainage to bushes…. He discovered a lot of cats in black, yellow, mixed colors in our area and some of the cats wanted so much to follow him home, however, he can’t find our lovely Little White. He is so worry if Little White is injured, so he can carry him home. I salute and proud of my father for his unconditional love to Little White.

Little Black is truly in sorrow…

Little Black is truly in sorrow…

Little Black, the little kitten being rescued and brought home by Little White, he is so sad and keep on looking and waiting for his brother to be home. My parent mentioned that Little Black kept awake all night to wait for his brother home to play with him.

Without the protection of Little White, our lovely Little Black not even dare to walk out from our house, he need accompany from my father. Besides, we try to play with him but he refused. He just sat quietly and keep stare outside.

When we looked into Little Black’s eyes, full of sorrow and sadness, we can felt the strong love between the cat brothers. They are just like us, full of love and he missed Little White so dearly.

This morning, Mum, sis and I, we heard a sound of “meow” concurrently, immediately we ran out and look for him. However, no trace of cats at all. We are thinking that Little White might drop by to say “GoodBye” and ask us not to look for him anymore. To our surprise, Little Black was slept in upper floor and he walked down too.

Our family know that the chances for Little White to come home is so slim. We gave all our best blessing and we wish he is rebirth into the pure land of Amitabha. And we will continue to do kind virtues like what Little White shown us previously.


Don’t think we have time, whatever you want to do, to say, better do it now instead of regret later. Anything can be happened in any moment of life!

If there is anything happen, accept and move on your life!

Life is impermanence!



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  1. This reminds me when our cat was gone, I saw the same sadness in my dogs eyes, as you see in Little Black. The uncertainty is heartbreaking. I so do hope that your Little White comes back. Pawkisses ❤

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