Successful people…

How do you define success in life?

Wealth? Power? Property? High position? Fame? Popularity?…..

Some of us might love to link success with quantitative measurement such as how many? How much?

I just read a profound teaching from His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shanker:

“An undying smile is a sign of success, a confidence that cannot be shaken is a sign of success. A sign of success is fearlessness. A fearless attitude in life is a sign of success.”

During my recent trip to Tibet, I met up with so many beautiful people who touching my heart deeply and to make me to further understand the true meaning of success in life.

They might not be wealthy in the eyes of mundane way yet they are so wealthy in term of spiritual practice.

They are showing to us on their strong faith, confident and determination in their practice.

I salute on her strong spirit...

Let’s learn from her strong spirit…

One day, I saw an elderly lady who can’t walk well yet she climbed up to the steep staircase to pay respect and she was facing challenges to walk down from the staircase.

We are thinking to help her and to our surprise, she was able to depend on herself instead of walked down, she sat down from stairs to stairs… How amazing!

The strong spirit and the fearlessness on her face!

I saw a disabled person who was doing prostration. I am weeping my eyes and I am touched that what a beautiful lesson for us to learn from this successful people.

The disabled person is showing to us on his positivity, never give up spirit, faith and determination.

Look at the young boy, he is so determined to do prostration.

Look at the young boy, he is so determined to do prostration. We can learn from each other to be a better person.

Don’t underestimate on your potential. Don’t set limit to your capability, you can do more for the benefit of all beings!!!

We salute to them and thanks to the beautiful lesson.

Be contended, be happy, be free, be confident and you need nothing to SMILE from your heart!!!

Everyone of us can be a successful people! All depend on your choices in life!

Let go and be liberated!



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