We love you, Little White!

The cloud pattern is keep changing in any moment.. Now you see,

The cloud pattern is keep changing in any moment.. Now you see, now you don’t! How amazing!

Do you love to spend time to do cloud watching?

It’s so interesting! It changed in every second, nothing remain the same.

This is the best way for us to understand “impermanence of life.”

Most of us, we hope to live in comfort zone, ideally everything remain the same.

In reality, this is impossible. Changes happen in every moment of life whether you can see or you can’t see, whether you can feel or you can’t feel, whether you realize or you are not realize….

We love you, Little White!

We love you, Little White!

Our lovely cat, Little White has been missing for 3rd day…  The last time, we saw him was the day we returned from Tibet. He was so excited and welcome us home again. No matter how much effort our family took, we look for him from our neighborhood, nearby residential area, by walking, by car even some of our lovely neighbors also helping us to look for Little White… Until now, we are unable to locate him.

We accepted this incident with open heart even though we missed him so much, our family gave our best blessings to Little White, if he is still alive, we wish him to be safe and well, and be rescued by kind-hearted people or if dead, our wish is Little White not to be reborn in three lower realm, be in pure land.

We are much appreciated to Little White for celebrating the great moment of life with us, giving so much happiness, joy, laughter, smiles, great lessons of life to our family and also big thank you for adopting Little Black, the little kitten to our family.

We are so grateful to Little White, our little teacher for giving us a precious lesson in life, to further understand the impermanence of life. Accept the reality and move on our life.

No matter where he is, our best blessings is always with him, the door of our house is always open for Little White…

We believe if he is alive, he’ll be home again.

We love you, Little White!!!






14 responses to “We love you, Little White!

  1. One of our cats was missing 6 days. We looked everywhere for her. Our cats never go outside the perimeter of the house. We began to think she must be dead but early one morning there she was huddled in a corner just outside saying, “meow, meow, meow”. Little White may come home any time still.

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