walk the talk…

Some of us, we might always ask why some of our friends are behaving in such selfish, stingy, jealous, greedy, anger….

Some of us, we might even ask why our society is so cruel, cold, unfair, bias, bribery, full of personal interest ….

Most of us, we’ve a tendency to keep looking externally, this situation might make some of us feel so helpless and restless. We might want to give up our kind virtues, loving-kindness, generous, caring, patient, forgiving….

We assume that with our limited effort, nothing we can change or transform with our friends, community, society, country…..

Some of us might use this as a reason to stop our spiritual practice. Is it wise to do?

Always look inward, be diligent in your spiritual practice no matter how much challenges and obstacles you are facing in life. Be the role model, continue to look inward, gradually to transform yourself to be a better people.

Let’s show your transformation to your surrounding instead of keep talking, always remember its effective to walk the talk instead of talk the walk.

“Walk the talk”, show your surrounding that you can change your thoughts and transform yourself be a better people, why can’t they?

Plant the seed of kindness and compassion, let it blossom when condition is right. Even though, you can’t see the changes now, not meaning that no changes at all.

When you are keep giving your unconditional loving-kindness to others, you can notice the changes around you.

What a thoughtful and nice gift from a little girl! Awesome!

What a thoughtful and nice gift from a little girl! Awesome!

Last week, I received a warm and touching hand-made gift from my friend’s daughter.

I appreciated very much on the beautiful thought of giving and sharing happiness with others!

Don’t give up your kindness and compassion!

Let’s continue to plant the good seeds!



5 responses to “walk the talk…

  1. Yes, I agree with those ideas. Holding the mirror of the world up to oneself, helps us see what needs to change…and just THAT awareness is the change itself….the recognition of our true nature

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