By looking at the flower, it help us to understand impermanence of life.  Get closer to nature!

By looking at the flower, it help us to understand impermanence of life. Get closer to nature!

Before you decided to get a new car, are you aware that you need to change it after a period of time?

Even though, you want to use the same car for your whole life yet it can’t last so long…

Sometimes, you might use the car for a longer or shorter time, it subjects to a lot of conditions, e.g. accidents, how is your usage, how do you care the car & others.

You are aware on this package deal.

When your car is old, facing frequent breakdown, initially, you might do your best to fix it and send into service center, however, this can’t last so long; you are going to trade in and get a NEW car.

It’s a common practice.

We are very much aware that nothing is permanence; this is the reality in life.

When we talk to people that anything can be happened to our life, today, you might be healthy yet tomorrow you might be fall sick, moreover you might also die…

Normally, people expression is “Why are you talking something not auspicious?” Why are you so negative?” “No, this will not happen to me so soon….”

People are so fearful, worry and stress when talking about this topics.

Why are we escaping?

People just want to live in their comfort zone, they resist thinking about it, they assume “permanence” in life and not “impermanence”, and they refuse to accept.

Think about it, if you can accept the reality to change a new car, it’s applying the same in our life; just accept with open heart, for birth, aging, sick and dying.

This is the reality in life and don’t mislead by your illusion.

One day, we are going to leave this beautiful world, as a Buddhist, we believe that we’ll back in another form just like changing to a new car.

Why worry?

Be awakening!


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