benefit others…

This morning, I met with a praying mantis without a leg, I give my best blessings to him.

This morning, I met with a grasshopper without a leg, I give my best blessings to him. May the little guy be well and happy, and not to reborn in three lower realm.

In life, one of the great thing to do is to benefit others.

Some might think, what can I get from benefit to others?

Some might even ask what do you mean by benefit others?

It’s so simple, you can do it anytime and anywhere.

It’s not necessary that you link with the monetary or material wealth.

Simple examples:

When saw an old lady, she wanted to cross a road, you just give your helping hand and assist her to cross the road.

When you are in public transport, you give your seat to elderly people  and pregnant lady…

When people lost their way, you are willing to show directory.

You hold the door for the people behind you…

You give a big smile and cheerful greeting to your colleagues, security guards.

You clean up the toilet after you use for the benefit of next users…

You behave yourself and treat it like your home when you are using public area.

Whenever you see rubbish, you just pick it up willingly.

When you are driving, you give way when people are eagerly want to over take you.

When people sick, just give your best blessing!

When people are frustrated or depressed, always be patience in listening!

To share your experience and knowledge which can enhance others life also one of the great way to benefit others.

Think about it, This little action will bring tremendous happiness to your life and also “warm” and “joy” to others too.

Why not just do it?

You can start on doing the  small things, let cultivate it become habit, then you are going to do it constantly to bring happiness to you and others!

How beautiful!









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