Liberate yourself! You can!

Liberate yourself! You can! Photo Courtesy from sis Li Yi

What is your favorite food?

When you look at your favorite food, how’s your reaction?

When you think about your favorite food, how’s your reaction?

Can you resist your favorite food?

Why do you love your favorite food?

Even though, it’s a simple question, yet it’s great to spend time to contemplate.

Some of my friends, they are willing to travel so far away to get their favorite food. To them, long journey is not an issue.

Some might even spend so much money on their favorite food.

Some might not even sleep well when they can’t enjoy their favorite food.

Some might even having saliva in their mouth once they recall their favorite food.

One of my friend, she is a buddhist practitioner, however, when come to favorite food, she try her best to apply her practice but most of the time, she is being control by her desire to enjoy and she just can’t stop it. Even though, she try to cut her favorite pastry to small slices, she promised herself she’ll take one slice. The end result, she took the whole pastry until finished.

Why are we loving so much on our favorite food?

It can bring pleasures and happiness, moreover it can satisfy our desire. Most of us, we might say there’s nothing wrong to pamper ourselves.

Think about it, If we allow this to be happening, to continuously to satisfy our desires, what is the consequences? We are going to be FULLY CONTROL by our desire and we are going to be so ATTACHED with it. Why are allow our life being binding by invisible strings?

We lose the freedom in life!

When you are trying to control your senses, your urge to satisfy your desires are so stronger. You just want to do it, no matter in what way. You want more… more… more… If you can’t satisfy it by today, the thoughts will constantly to “disturb” you the next day, the following day… and until you satisfy it.

However, you can take a try, to satisfy your desire, e.g. taking one pastry, you feel happy, then, you can start to take second, follow by third, fourth, fifth ….

Just monitor closely on the changes in your thought and sensation, from happiness and gradually turn to suffering…

This is a great practice to see the truth in life, To understand the truth of happiness and suffering, the movement of our mind.

Why not liberate yourself! Not being control by your desires!

Liberation, the best moment in life!











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