Who is disturbing the noise?

Who is disturbing the noise?

Who is disturbing the noise? Listen thing as it is….

How do you feel when you are facing the below scenario:

When you are sleeping, you heard about the dog barking…

When you are doing meditation, you heard about the child crying or phone ringing or quarrelling…

When you are doing your work, you are being disturbed by your colleagues’ voice volume…

When you are taking a nap, you heard loud volume from your neighbor’s TV/ Home theatre…

How do you react?

Are you angry? Are you annoyed? Are you still stay cool?

Are you being disturbed by noise?

Some of us, we might be complaining that “I can’t sleep well as loud noise from the fireworks or dog barking or…………”

Is it true? Who are inviting the noise to your mind? Who are opening the door to the noise?

Think about it! You, Yourself!

There is a profound teaching from Ajahn Chah,

“It’s not the noise disturbing you; it’s you disturbing the noise.”

Next time, when you hear about noises, just don’t attach with it, you are not going to be disturbing by the noise.

The same apply when you listen to some of the negative wording, like “stupid”, “loser”, “Failure”, “mad”, “Crazy”, …

Imagine, if you treat all this negative wording as “noise”, not to use your perception or past experience, you are totally fine and not going to cause emotional turmoil.

So, why are you inviting unnecessary “noise” to your life?

Why are you asking trouble to your life?

Why not live in peace and mind and let not be influenced by the noise!


7 responses to “Who is disturbing the noise?

  1. It took a lot of practice to break past my initial reaction to being bothered/upset by outside noises… and it continues to be a welcome challenge to remain relaxed and content despite whatever noise (or quiet) may be at any given time. But what an amazing skill to acquire!

    I think gratefulness plays a big part in keeping a good attitude about it all. I was having trouble meditating years ago in an apartment building I lived in because every 3-5 minutes there would be incessant car horn honking from the parking lot outside my window.

    A wise article led me to approach the situation like this: before moving into my meditation, as I sat with my eyes closed and began to relax, I would not only relax into what I liked about my environment (the comfortable carpet beneath me, the warm atmosphere) but also what I did not like (noise – the car horns, perhaps a ticking clock). This way, I had already accepted and grown content with the whole of the environment before moving into my meditation.

    Why trouble yourself about something you have no control over? All you can control is your own reaction, your own attitude and approach.

    Great post!

    • So wise! Most important is you, yourself, how do you react to external environment. Nothing can affect you, only you yourself!Cheers!

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