Why fear?

See the truth of things, not to believe in illusion and not added your opinion and perception! Nothing to be fear!

See the truth of things, not to believe in illusion and not added your opinion and perception! Nothing to be fear!

Are you fearful on something? say, animals, insects, height, darkness, food……

Some of my friends, they are so fearful on cockroaches, once they see the cockroaches, they might scream or they just run away…

One of my friend, she is so fearful from one type of fruit, “Rambutan”. She can be fainted if you get the rambutan to her.

Some might even so fearful on heights, they are totally “freeze” when they participated in “flying fox” or any outdoor activities related to “height. They can’t move their body as their mind being driven by tremendous fear.

Some are so fearful to be alone at night, they are fearful to be in darkness, they’ll light up their room even when they are sleeping.

Have you ever investigate why are you so fearful?

Most of the times, we might be trick by our senses without realization.

The object which you are fearful to might not harm or attack you, yet you are so FEARFUL.

Think about it,all images go in to our eyes, there are upside down. Nothing to worry!

Why are you fearful?

All feeling are brought by our past experiences and also perception.

For example, in the past, when I look at the lizard, I dislike it and I am experiencing fear and shouted in fear too. Basically, there is nothing wrong with the lizard, moreover the lizard is not going to attack or harm me. Why am I reacting in such a way?

I kept investigated, it was something to do in my childhood time, a total of 2 incidents happened. First, The lizard fall on my body from ceiling, I can recall and dislike the “Cold” body temperature from lizard. Second, One of my childhood friend, he used a stainless steel ruler to beat the lizard until death. He smashed the body of lizard in such a cruel action. I can’t stop his action during that time and once I see the lizard I recall the scary memories and cruel action.

Once I was aware on the reasons, I learned not to associate the past, to dig out the old memories on “dislike” lizard. Whenever I see lizard now, I am practicing the technique, “See things as it is, just like the water reflection. See the truth of things and not in any judgmental, like or dislikes.”

Once you “remove” your past experiences and perception, not to associate with any feeling, you are not going to have any fear on anything.

Take a try!

Don’t be FOOL by your senses!

“Your worst enemy cannot harm you as much as your own unguarded thoughts.” by Buddha

6 responses to “Why fear?

  1. Fear is the internal self protecting itself from perceived harm. Imagination can reeducate the internal self to a better reality.

  2. Yes it’s so true. Our mind is a wonderful gift for us, with it’s excellently clear memories and detailed imagined futures. It’s better than any movie or TV program.
    I wonder why I sometimes imagine these mind scenes to be real, and allow them to replace the reality in front of me.
    Thank you for your writing.

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