the joy of freedom…


What a great relaxation in life! Recharge yourself constantly!

What a great relaxation in life! Recharge yourself constantly!

Some of us, we are too busy in our working day. Some, even hardly has time to take a good rest to ease the tiredness in body and mind.

How do you plan your off day?

Are you make a full schedule on what you need to do during off day?

Are you pack all your time to indulge your senses as a reward for your hard work?

Are you planning for short trip during off day?

Do you allocate any time to have a rest?

Do you allocate any time to be with yourself?

Most of us, we are assuming to reward ourself during off day by indulge our senses with good meal, good entertainment, good outing, good holiday, good shopping….

However, just ask yourself, after all the “good” activities, are you getting more peace or more tiredness?

Some of my friends mentioned that after a vacation, they felt more tired and sometimes they might also fall sick.

I heard a profound teaching from Ajahn Brahm that ” We worked so hard to buy a house, to spend our saving to do  such a beautiful renovation, moreover every month, we need to pay huge amount of installment to bank yet we run away from the house during off day. What a contradicting!Why not spend your time in your lovely house?”

One of the best way, to give your mind a full relaxation and your body, a time to do healing. Perhaps you can take one of your off day, do NOTHING and enjoy the total freedom in life. Don’t plan any schedule, when you are hungry, just eat, when you are tire, take a rest,  when you are sleepy, just sleep, you can also take a walk in your garden like a new visitor, you are going to discover the joy of life.

You can feel that your body and mind is energized after the off day. You are more relax, peace, happy and calm.

What is more important than freedom in life?

Cut out all invisible string from your body and mind…you don’t need it…

“There is no fire like passion. No Crime Like hatred. No sorrow like separation. No sickness like hunger, and no joy like the joy of freedom.”

By Buddha




7 responses to “the joy of freedom…

  1. Great post! Life is NOT too short! We should take our time and really enjoy living. Every moment is an experience be it in solitude or in the company of others, so don’t let stress invade your time off. What we don’t realise is that we often think doing nothing is bad and then go out doing the wrong things that bring more trouble than good in our lives. Your post highlights that there is nothing wrong with doing nothing. It is just a different form of exploration that’s all

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