Be honest in life!

Be honest in life! Always bring happiness to your surrounding!

Some of us, our thinking pattern is too focus on ourselves, whatever decision we are making, we are only thinking “Is this benefit to me?” “ Is this benefit to my family?”

Some of us not even bother or totally forget about others when they are making decision.

Say….When you are borrowing money from others? Do you return the payment to others?

Do you tend to forget? Do you tend to drag the payment?

Do you pay back on time?

Think about it, if you are not going to pay back the loan to others, are you harming other’s financial status?

Is your action going to bring happiness or suffering to others?

Always ask yourself, how do you feel if this incident happen to you?

Some of us, even we’ve the ability, we still refuse to pay back the loan, we are so short-sighted and think we can gain benefits from our action. “Why not keep the money for our own usage instead of return to others?”

What a selfish thinking!!!

However, in truth, our action is harming to ourselves too. We are being attached with unwholesome action, namely “greed”, “dishonest”, “cheating”, “desires”, “liar”, “ignorant”…all this unwholesome action bring suffering in your life.

Is it worth it for short-term gain in your definition and let go the dignity of life?

Is it worth to live in worry, fear, stress, sleepless night as a result of your dishonest?

Honesty is the best gift you can offer to yourself and others, to be self-benefit and benefit others!




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